Saturday, October 29, 2011

my graduation day! :D

as you see on the title,alhamdunillah i finally graduated afta a year i guess.huh.ptutny aku dh lama grad tp ntah npe la kolej aku tu anta kteowg lmbt so t'pkse tgu another year n grad ngan dak batch len.geram tul.but forget about it..mende dh b'lalu.dh grad pun.even though it juz a diploma but p'jalanan nk dptkn diploma ni mmg bnyak need for me to remind of it.redha n syukur ngan pe yg dh ad nie.thank you to MAMA sbb bg kepercayaan dkt aku to further dis study smpai bjaya.alhamdunillah.without her mmg aku xsmbung blaja ler.sayang mama!! :')

few pictures to be share.

me n my dear.hepy pat grad sma.lebiu syg. :')

my family.terkilan sbb xde smua siblings.abah xciat,my elder sis sakit n another sis have to take care abah.n my younger brother,going to morocco.waaaa.. :'(

heart them <3

family in law.kekeke.not yet lah. ;P

time ni gler aku mmg neves.cmpai jatuh brg2.hehehe.1st time mama jupe his mom.syukur,mama pun ok.teheeeee~

fahmila,one of my bestie kt kolej.

gadis2 comel..ehehe

my college friends,few of them

my bestie..nk tgk cpe kawen dlu.hehehe ;P

my sibling: k.ima n pija.
budak techik tu alica ye. :)

mama,pija and me.

my mom.thanks mama.jua syg mama taw. :')

p/s: hopefully pat further study in degree.amin.
With ❤,

a g a i n

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count it on your own.sigh.

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